Sunday, February 08, 2009

just watch this

Cold and rainy here. The whole family has been rolling around in the sheets of our bed in the grey light of the wintry day, cuddling and giggling. Thom wins the prize for the best blanket monster and also the stinkiest breath.
This is neat:


Claire said...

That is so neat!

Thanks for posting about this :)

Jeanine said...

oh yes. i've seen this video recently. best. video. ever. and your blog is absolutely lovely.

Anonymous said...

I liked the video. Sweet post! And you know how much I hate morning breath!

Amy said...

Fun! We did the same thing...except daddy was snoring...LOL

annie said...

April - You blog is delightful as ever. You are an amazing writer and your taste is impeccable. I love this video too. So creative. It's amazing.