Thursday, February 19, 2009

lucky girls wear boots

Julie in the Sedona sun.

I'm a lucky girl in many little ways and some big ones. I scored big with my sister-in-law, Julie. My husband tortured this girl when they were growing up, and yet she still speaks to us. She is peaceful and fiery all at once. She is artsy and gutsy and tall and incredibly loving.

She is still the first one up on Christmas morning.

When I impulsively suggested that we get in the car and drive three hours to Gallup, New Mexico to check out the Native American jewelry there, she was totally on board. She's cool that way.

Julie also understands my struggles with infertility. She's been there herself. She is always willing to listen or pray or, in dire circumstances, buy me some fun thing to pick me up. Did I say she has great taste?

I love her.

My boots are covered in red dirt. One must always wear her boots in Sedona. I think it's written somewhere in the Bible.

The Boy is in pure dirt heaven. I've taken to calling him my little javelina. I think he only has one pair of clean pants left. He walked through three cactus plants yesterday. His dad carefully dislodged all known needles and he only whimpered a tiny bit. Ben is quite happy with the nature indoctrination program he has set forth for his son. They should be climbing Everest together by the time Thom turns ten.

I think I'll go to Gallup when they undertake their first expedition.


Postcards and Coasters said...

Looks like your enjoying yourself in Arizona! Gallup is cool to. I like taking road trips in Arizona, lots to see.

Next time you come back you need to take your son to Kartchner Caverns (near Tombstone). I need to take another road trip there before it gets too hot.

I also love indian jewelry... turquoise is my favorite!!!

Isn't Sedona magical?!

Amy said...

Looks like fun and I love those boots!

emily said...

I grew up in Albuquerque but only went to Gallup once. Not my best experience. I like Santa Fe better.

Julie said...

Love you too, April -- always and no matter what. I always knew I was blessed with an awesome brother, but he really came through when he brought me a sister! What a great week, huh?!