Wednesday, February 25, 2009

beautiful boy

I'm not one to gush. Sure I'm a proud mom. Like everyone else, I secretly think my kid is the cutest, funniest most charming of all children. But I don't gush.

Mostly because, well, it's just not that interesting to other people, except maybe my mom.

But today, I must. I must gush. I'm in the mood and I'm going with it.

When Thom was first born he looked like a little old rabbi. He had jet black hair and a pointy nose. I thought, my word, I've given birth to a Baal Torah.

Then he puffed up into this chubby little butterball and I thought, my word, this child is fun to pinch!
Then he grew and became the skinny twig boy he is today. The only pinchable place on his entire body are his four cheeks. Even those make for meager pinching these days.

As if to make up for my disappointment in regards is his pinchabilty, Thom has become a budding artist. He always knows just the right thing to twang my heart and make me proud.

Here is his latest installation piece hanging in his class room. It was a collaborative effort with his good friend Ethan. If you can't tell, those are M&M men.

At night, before I go to bed, I sneak into his room. I kneel by his bed and listen to him breath. His rocketship nightlight glows green, then blue, then red. The stars on his ceiling are fading and seem far away.

This is where I like to say my prayers. This is where I thank the Lord for everyday I have been given with my funny, skinny, charming little boy.


Anonymous said...

I don't know you. I'll probably never meet you. But oh what a lovely person you seem to be. And what a lovely blog you have.

Julie said...

As the boys would say, we love Thom all the way to the moon and back!! We know how blessed we are to count him as family. Hug him for us! ox. PS. You know great kids are raised by great moms, right?

FitToSeeJane said...

What a sweet post. Every now and then it 's good to not just have those feelings, but to shate them with others. Some days you just can't keep it in.
Thanks for making me smile.

Leslie said...

that's beautiful, april. thanks for sharing!

Chris and Amy Jackson said...

I think it is perfectly wonderful to gush. Your post was wonderful.