Friday, June 18, 2010

buzz off

Buzz Off Drink Cover


Summer is here in full swing. There is swimming. There is neighborhood night games. There is ice cream. Best of all, there are barbeques. Oh my I do love a good dinner party on a warm Summer night. 

If I were a drinkin' gal, I'd bring my host a cold six pack and a bag of peanuts, but I'm not. A drinkin' gal that is. I'm a crafty gal. And here is what I will be making for hostess gifts over the next few months.

I call them "Buzz Off Drink Covers".  Not only are they super cute, they also keep bugs out of your drink and if you make each cover in your set a little different, you can use them to tell who's drink belongs to who.

Here's the super easy how to:

Step one:

Cut two pieces of fabric into six inch squares.  Adorn one piece of fabric. I embroidered some of my covers with mendhi style designs that I drew. You can find them here. On the other set, I ruffled some contrasting fabric and sewed that on.  I plan to embroider a set to keep with our monogram on them. You can make them as fancy or as plain as your little heart desires.

Step two:

For each cover you will need four beads. One for each corner. I suggest using beads that have a little weight to them. They will keep the cover on your drink better if there is a breeze. Tie each bead onto a length of string and tie a knot an inch away from the bead.


Step three:

Pin each bead onto the right side of your fabric making sure that the beads fall towards the center of the cover. The end of the string should poke directly out from the corner.


Step four:

Pin the right sides of your fabric together. The beads will be sandwiched between your fabric.


Step five:

Using a quarter inch seam allowance, sew around the outside edge of the square. Make sure the knots from the strings are on the outside of the seam (the salvage edge).  Leave an inch of the square open. Turn the square right side out.  Turn the edges of the hole together and press the entire square. Now you can sew around the edge again with a decorative stitch making sure to close off the inch that was left open.


Don't forget to present your gift with flare. Presentation is everything darling.  I will be gifting mine stacked together with a package of lemonade mix and a large bow.


Happy Summer! Happy crafting!


Pilli Pilli said...

Hello April!
Nice to meet you :o)


PS. This Buzz Off Doily is truly a great idea!

Pilli Pilli said...

PPS. I just had a look around your 'main site' and I am absolutely stunned! The webdesign is gorgeous!!!
Did you make allo those doodlesome drawings?

I love them!!!

jackie said...

I love all your handmade goodies. And thank you for stopping by the blog..........

Terri Fisher said...

How I wish I could sew...very cute and useful idea!

Elizabeth said...

Oh good grief, these are amazing. I formally invite you to a barbecue at my house this Sunday.

Kup,Kup Land said...

Wonderful site April!! Thanks for the visit! Love your works so much!!

Jerusalem said...

so perfect - now I know what to do with all the vintage linen little odds and ends I have!

Morgane @ Bear,Dolly and Moi said...

very cute and a great idea.
must be cleaner than the random handkerchief I have been known to on my to-do list!