Tuesday, June 15, 2010

ruby bloom, pleased to meet you

Ruby Bloom Paper Doll

Meet Ruby Bloom Samson. Ruby lives in brownstone in New York. She attends St. Mary's school for girls where she is learning Latin and pre-algebra. On Wednesdays, her mother takes her to ice skating lessons. After the lesson, she and her mother like to stop at their favorite Pizza place for a slice of pepperoni. They eat their pizza in Central Park and watch the swallows peck at the crumbs on the ground.

For her eighth birthday, Ruby's Uncle Walter bought her a dove. Ruby named her Sunday.  Sunday likes to chirp and chatter, especially when Ruby comes home from school.  Ruby's father likes to say that Sunday got her name because she talks all week long and twice as much on Sundays.

Please feel free to download Ruby and Sunday. They can be printed out any size you desire. After you have printed them on cardstock and colored them, you can laminate the entire sheet and then cut out each piece. You can cut off the tabs and use sticky strips.  You can also leave them unlaminated and use adhesive putty.

If you want your dolls to stand up, cut a square block around Ruby's feet. Cut two slits along the bottom of the block and slide in two little strips of paper.

I love to get photos of my dolls in use! Please send them!


To download Ruby, simply click on the graphic. That will take you to Flickr. In the top left corner you will see a button that says "All Sizes". Click that and choose the size you want to download.

All paper dolls on Suaviloquy are free for download, however, if you use them for commercial purposes you will need to credit the source. That's little ol' me in case you were wondering.


Corinne said...

April, I love Ruby Bloom...can't wait to show Maya! Thank you...

Sharon said...

How do I go about downloading this? I would love to make these and then save them for my niece when she comes to visit. Thank you ;)

Anonymous said...

Yeah! My girls will love these. We play paper dolls alot here and it is always great to adda a new friend.

karlee said...

yes, how do we download this lovely. it goes straight to Fliker when you click on it. She is adorable.

Carla said...

Thank you for your sweet Ruby Bloom, I will enjoy her and have to think of a cute project..xoxo