Monday, June 28, 2010


Dearest Readers,

I want you to know that today I am a new woman. Renewed. Invigorated.

Watch out.



P.S. I should probably also mention that Sugar Daddy and I spent the weekend away from our little brood of three in Palm Springs (P.S. for short).  We stayed at The Colony Palms Hotel which was built in the 30's by notorious gangster Al Wertheimer. The Hotel was a destination spot for young Hollywood elite during the 30's and 40's.

I fell in love with the architecture and design of the hotel.  It was a breath of fresh air after staying in Hiltons and Hyatts and the like.

Hot Cold

Claw Foot Tub

Colony Palms Shower



You may be sitting there looking at your computer screen thinking to yourself, now what could you possibly do in Palm Springs in June? Isn't is like a billion degrees?

To that I say, yes. It is like standing on the surface of the freakin' sun.  

But. There are no children there to need something right this instant before they starve to death/pinch their fingers/wipe boogers on the wall/lose all muscle control and fall to the ground in agony.

So you are free to lay by the pool for an absurd amount of time sipping mint lemonades and watching all the pretty couples make-out in the pool.

And you might take a bath or two in the claw foot tub and watch movies in your room under the ceiling fan whilst eating chocolate covered cranberries.

And there's other stuff too.

On that note, let's revisit the pretty people.  There was a disproportionate amount of glamorous types staying at The Colony Palms.  And really how's a girl to feel?  So many firm unbabybirthing bodies in tiny little bikinis.  There was a lot of long strait hair framing expensive looking sunglasses. The men wore linen shirts unbuttoned to expose suntanned bodies and walked around like they owned the place.  They wore their large watches into the pool.

I gawked, hidden behind my own moderately priced sunglasses.  Our lemonades were unleaded and we made sure to slather every inch of our bodies with 50 spf.  Sugar Daddy sat under the umbrella in his Clark Kent glasses and worked on his laptop a little.  I busied myself adjusting my swimsuit to strategically cover all things that the sun and other people should never see and feeling quite like a big poser and wondering just when I lost my moxie.

Which got me feeling pretty irritated with the unbabybirthing beauties.  I just wanted to stand up in my Shade swimsuit and say to each one of those girls, "Hey you girls, just you wait! Do you even know how many calories are in those cocktails your downing one right after another? Of course you don't. Well lemme tell you something! Enjoy it. Enjoy it now because in ten years it will be a different ball game. And not a fair one at that!" That would show em.

But after a time I calmed down. And I owned my Shade swimsuit and lemonade. Sugar Daddy came out from under the umbrella and we took a dip. We didn't make-out in the pool because first, ew, p.d.a. is w.t., and second we have been together long enough to realize that the true measure of love is found when after sixteen years of marriage, you still have stuff to talk about.

You know, interesting stuff like the future of real estate, home decor and sippy cups.

You can see more pics of our trip here.


DomestiKatie. said...

if it helps, i'm a 25 year old and i am certain that most people think I must have just given birth a few months ago. There is nothing unbabybirthing about me.
Also, any babybirthing parts you have make you a Mother, and a comfy one at that. You have all the right slopes and curves to cushion and cradle sleeping baby heads and just the right amount of lap to support and comfort 6 yr old bottoms- which are bony as hell, so just imagine how it'd feel on you WITHOUT any cushion!
i bet sugar daddy wouldn't trade that glorious mothering body for anything in the world, and neither would your brood of three.

Jerusalem said...

oh to get away! we have been thinking it is time to do the same thing. And thanks for the Shade link - love those!!

Terri Fisher said...

Congratulations on getting away for a sure does make a difference in one's outlook! Have a great week!

PaperPumpkin said...

I'm cracking up laughing at what you'd say to the skinny young girls in their bikinis! I hear ya! My baby-birthing body is never going to see a bikini, and I have to watch everything I eat and drink...if I'd only known then what I do now...I would have eaten more and gotten skimpier bikinis...just 'cause I could! But at least hubby loves this mommy-body! Great photos. Now I want to go there!

Stef said...

It's so great that you two got away for a weekend, and your destination looks glorious. I think it's hard to keep from feeling frustrated about ourselves when we look over at some skinny minny in a string bikini with perfectly trimmed and styled hair and expensive sunglasses. I look at them, though, and tell myself that if I was a stick in a string bikini, that means I didn't spend the day before throwing cookie dough and giggles all over the kitchen with my girls, instead of sunglasses, I buy dolls and bubbles...I really don't think you can have both, and I'm just fine with what I've got. Sorry to drone on and on :) thanks for making me laugh this morning!

the emily said...

Oh that sounds heavenly. Just heavenly. Nothing else to add except that what you just wrote (minus the beautiful people making out) is my version of heaven right now.

Haley, Brad, and the gang said...

last time i went to palm springs it was with all of my children + a friend and all 6 of her children, and people stared at us like we were a freak show. the best part was when the woman like the one you described in your post shared how easy it would be for me to get rid of my leg veins. this was completely unsolicited mind you, and I was speechless but not thoughtless!

Pam said...

Someday, when they are looking in the mirror and trying to forget that they don't fit in those string thingies anymore, you'll be smiling at the memories of conversations with your Sugar Daddy and laughing at the memories of the boogers on your walls.

deb said...

oh , you so made me laugh.
that hotel is dreamy.
my husband and I went to swelter in Scottsdale last year. It was worth it.

From the Kitchen said...

Amen Sister April! Glad to hear you got away. When we lived in La Jolla, P.S. was our "go to getaway" place. Wish we'd stayed where you did!!


Cindy at LottieBird said...

I do love watching pretty people. And so much else about what you said.
But, truly, I can't get past the chocolate covered cranberries...

Cindy at LottieBird said...

Heh. The swimsuit thing. I was wearing my lovely Lands End tankini (with swim skirt) last summer on the beaches in Southern Spain. Imagine how silly I looked compared to the topless beauties! I felt like I was in full winter gear!