Wednesday, June 09, 2010


Sugar Daddy has been gone and I find that I am becoming quite blue. The house is full of little bodies but it's oh so empty.  I have things to do every second of the day and yet I am bored. 

The hour I set aside to work in the studio while the babies slept was entirely unproductive.  Instead of working on a large order I have due next week, I spun slowing in my chair with my camera to my eye.  I focused here and there. I zoomed in on Finnigan's nose.

I thought about my husband, hard at work in some court room in the big bad city of Los Angeles.  I tried to picture what tie he might be wearing and I thought about how his hair brushes the tops of his ears. Salt and pepper sexy.

I listened to a little Johnny Cash. I pinched the fat on my stomache and assesed how long it will take me to run it off.  I picked some red paint off my desk. And then the Little Mister started grunting, and like clock work the Bird called out to me and that was it. My time was over.

I'm feeling blue because life is a lot of hard work these days.

And if I have to be in the trenches, then I want Sugar Daddy with me.

He's got my back.

The studio through my lens today:

Earrings for Sale

Spark Badge

Secondsister Packaging

Studio board

Wood Block Stamps

Work Bench

The Owl and the Pussy Cat


Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

what a gift to have a man you love so much. take care!

Natalie* said...

pray tell - will those lovely earring sets soon be on sale in your shop?!

A. HOLLAND. ETC. said...

love love love this post. your words, your view of the world, your family love..

Anonymous said...

John just had surgery on his knee and was told to take off 2 months to heal. I have to confess I was a little excited and have been loving him being home even under these unfortunate circumstances. It gets very lonely, boring without him, especially doing the everyday grind. I think he'll probably get a little sick of me though, I feel like his little pixie. I'm always checking to see where he's at. Gotta love the mens!!

Stacy di said...

What a lucky hubby to have you! and, I hate to say it, but it looks like having the blues is good for creativity!!

Mary said...
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Cindy at LottieBird said...

I know that feeling. When my husband is traveling, the house feels a little...oh, deflated, that's it.

And I thought you were ALWAYS productive! Good thing I am not measuring my own abilities against yours. But if I were, this would be a little relief.