Wednesday, June 23, 2010

charley d.


Charley D. is four years old.

Charley D.

Charley D. likes to eat cold cereal on her knees at the bar.
Charley D. also likes strawberries and powdered doughnuts.

Charley D.

Charley D. truly believes she is a princess and who's gunna argue with that?
I mean really.

Charley D. is my niece and I miss her so very much.


Love Stitched said...

she is beautiful <3

michelle said...

Darn cute.

Lucinda said...

I saw the cutest little girl outfit at Cracker Barrel the other day here in Florida. It has a pieced/quilted bird on it, and Birdie is stitched in cursive across the top. I thought of you and your little girl when I saw it. I think you'd love it!