Thursday, June 17, 2010


Today I am cleaning my house.

I'm folding laundry and stamping silver for jewelry orders.

I'm making turkey sandwiches for lunch and cutting them into baby size pieces.

I'm bathing children and filling sippy cups.

I'm drinking lots of caffeine.

But if you gave me my druthers, I'd have to say, I'd much rather be at a flea market with my good friend Margie. We both love old stuff. She loves anything pink and I love to hear her say, "I love that so much I could marry it."

That's what I'd do with a Thursday like this if it were left up to me.

All images are by Suzanne from Pink Roses.


abode said...

I'm all about the vintage, I'd rather go to the flea market than eat and for me that is a HUGE deal!!!

Stef said...

filling sippy cups, washing dishes, doing laundry, picking up toys, wiping up spills, playing baby with the babies, yep, as awesome as it is, some Thursday, someday, I'd like to be at a flea market, too. Nice eye candy!

Trina S. said...

Where do I sign up! ;)

Jan said...

My babies are grown, the sippy cups put away for grandchildren's visits,the mundane tasks still await,yet, i would like to join you all at the flea market.

From the Kitchen said...

My druthers for today would be to make those turkey sandwiches and cut them in little pieces, fill those sippy cups, fold those sweet little articles of clean clothes, wipe sticky little hands, snuggle sweet smelling babies.......!! They grow up so, so fast. Thanks for the wonderful memories! I do wish you a day of "thrifting" soon. Maybe you'll find some pink silk slippers for Amelie.