Friday, May 20, 2011

the importance of dancing in the kitchen

We like to dance in our family.  None of us are any good. Not a single one.  

But dancing isn't about being smooth. Not to us anyway.  It's about an outward expression of emotion.  It's how we say, I love you, you make me happy, without words.

When I was a little girl I'd watch my parents dance or kiss and I remember feeling extremely embarrassed and thrilled at the same time.  Children love to know that their parents love each other. I still like it when my parents are affectionate. I guess it's something you never outgrow.

So my kids will see me dance with my husband. And they will sit back and belly laugh at their dad's silly moves. And I will scoop them up and dance with them, with my cheek next to theirs, twirling. Telling them without words, I love you, I love you, I love you.

Dance a little this weekend. You'll see.

Here's a little dance mix to jump start you.


JENNY K. said...

My parent's would dance each morning while we ate breakfast before school. I might just have to start. Thanks for sharing!

Elizabeth said...

That's lovely. I have the same memory of my parents --

*Chris* said...

I loved watching my parents do that, and standing on my dad's feet and dancing in the kitchen with them. thanks for reminding me of that!

Anonymous said...

That's a great playlist, thanks for posting!

Casey said...

May I ask how you made this playlist? :)