Monday, May 09, 2011

waltzing matilda

Here's a little hard core truth for you this Monday morning.

I used to eat bugs.

It's true.  

When I was little my family lived in Australia. Let me show you where exactly.

See where it says "NOTHING"? Right there. That's where we lived. In the middle of the outback.

This is not my map. I don't think Australia is all that bad. I have rather fond memories of it. But I do think that the whole country looks upside down.  Is is just me? But then again, maybe they are upside down. Don't their toilets flush the opposite way? Maybe the equator is the only true right side up place to be. Wow. I'm confusing myself.

So yeah. We lived in Alice Springs.  And I was a scrappy little dirt monger.  Who ate bugs.  I think the aboriginal children taught me that.  I had lice and worms and the soles of my feet were like three inches thick with calluses because I never wore shoes. I was a virtual waltzing Matilda.

And I was happy.  I was a very very happy child.  My bum itched a little because of the worms, but other than that life was good.

And now I'm a mother. And although my first baby was kept hermetically sealed in a germ proof environment until the day I got a grip, I let my kids grub in the dirt on a regular basis.  Because I have this theory.

I think that maybe, just maybe, when a human being puts their hands in the soil of the Earth, it's transformative.  It's almost as if we soak up life the way plants do.  When a child is allowed to explore nature with all of their senses they are happier and more well rounded.  That's what I think anyway.

We don't live in an area where my children can roam free the way I used to.  This makes me a little sad. But we do have a big backyard and plenty of fun nature places to visit.  My kids are yet to have lice or worms but Frankie has been known to suck on a snail or two.  I think they are getting a fair dose of nature. And they seem like happy kids.

And I have another theory. I think it might have been the bugs that made me bionic. Yep, I definitely think it was the bugs.

Photo of me by Bubba-Loo


Hi Octane Jewelry said...

Ah your an aussie at heart. I have dreams of traveling there. I have always said I want to run naked on Bondi, not sure where that came from but it's on my bucket list. Did you ever see the movie Alice to nowhere. Part of my Aus obsession. I always justify things I or my kids do by saying "Now if we lived in a tribe an Africa" Dirt and bugs go a long way.

Jerusalem said...

I am big believer in the power of dirt in kids life! yea you!

Julie Kirk said...

Great post. I used to eat soil from the garden when I was a toddler. And [apart from mouth ulcers!] it didn't do me any harm.

And, like your bug-snacking, it gives me a great story to tell to this day. Because look! I'm here, telling you!

Dirt mongers of the world should stick together.


Jessa said...

I hope your dirt theory is true because mine are in it every day and the little one eats it as though his very survival depends on it.

cappuccino and colour said...

love the aussie map - i am from NZ so would have been your neighbour as a child!! :-) love the pic of you too!

Bonnie said...

The whole worm thing had me laughing! Nothing wrong with a little dirt and bugs! I used to eat moths when I Was a baby...I turned out pretty okay! *I hope*!

Bonnie said...

by the your boots in that pic!

MerryWA said...

Hello for near the "stinging jellyfish". And yes, our toilets & sink/bath water does drain the other way (or should that be the correct way).

Also have to agree that a few slugs & stray dog hairs never did my kids any harm.

Lynn said...

This is a great story. I come from near Danni Minogue (but don't hold that against me) and spent a big part of my life in Scorching Hot (mind you it was Freezing Cold and Windy in winter) and couldn't agree more about letting kids go out and grub in the dirt and share their icecreams with the dog and occasionally even crawl into the kennel with the dog and have a nap together. I didn't share his bones though. Anyway I am still here and quite healthy